Canada: Day 4 “We’ll be back!”

Guest Writer: Coach Tal (Check out the Pictures!)

Blog Guest Rider..and super fast!

Blog Guest Writer ..and super fast!

Day 4:

Early morning wake up call today in Victoria …. after 3 days of non-stop on-

Very Unusual Pre-game Meal

Very Unusual Pre-game Meal

the-go activities, 7am came really early today.  Coach Em, Coach Fulks, and myself shuffled in and out of the bathroom and downstairs just in time to see the ladies looking just as tired as we were.  But the good news for me was we were headed for coffee …

Breakfast of champions today was Safeway bagels, bananas and peanut butter!  We found ourselves in high spirits in the Safeway Cafe for over an hour,  talking about anything from Megan Spence’s hometown distance from our current location (apparently we need to work on map education) to Paige’s Grandmother who was coming to attend our game.

With game 4 on day 4 and playing in the morning, we had to get a move on to University of Victoria (UVIC) for our last scrimmage.   As we pulled into campus, we noticed how quiet it was due to the Thanksgiving holiday being tomorrow.  Most people had already left to spend the holiday with family and friends.  However, there was a women’s field hockey game going on when we got there which most of us wished we would have had time to

On the schedule!

On the schedule!

watch and support like our sportsmanship at the hockey game yesterday.  No such luck, apparently we were there to play basketball still 😉

UVIC was very similar to SFU in terms of the size of campus, but with not too much time to spend looking around, we hustled to the gym after noticing they had placed us on the official 2009-2010 schedule on the wall … pretty sweet for us to see as it lined their athletic office hallways.  We had 5 official fans at this game!

Thanks to our fans!

Thanks to our fans!

Megan Spence’s mom and sister, Paige Dinnie’s Grandmother, and Christina Herrings parents who made the whole trip with the Pioneers.  Thanks so much to those of you who were able to join us and take part in our international adventure!

Our scrimmage against UVIC was another very good chance for us to get better, playing against much bigger girls than we have played against in the past, getting us ready for our Exhibition Game against Oregon State.  The refs were very helpful and allowed us to call time-outs from our bench this scrimmage, helping us get used to our style of play.  In fact, they even let Coach Fulks make a few calls for them …!

After our first game, we talked about things we did well and things we needed to work on individually; and we saw these improvements throughout the weekend and in our final game.  It was very exciting to see these improvements from our players, as they had not only come together as a team socially, it was transferring to the court as well.  We couldn’t have been more proud after only 10 days of practice and 4 full days together.

We had to hustle to the ferry station as it was a smaller ferry than our first one and had to ensure our spot so we could make it back to US Soil.  There was a marathon in downtown Victoria this morning, so that created a bit of

Our ride home..

Our ride home..

chaos for us as we crawled along the downtown streets, but allowing us to see a bit more of Victoria on our way.  Once we parked at the ferry station, we were greeted by humorous US Custom Officials who made jokes with us and helped continue our good spirits on our long stretch home.  After a bit of hassle with Paige, whom they almost didn’t let come back with us, we got her just in time to pull onto the ferry and run (we literally ran) to the food counter upstairs.

After food, ice cream, and chit-chat, some girls started in on homework, others slept, and some of us played card games to pass the time.  Coach Em

Is this one?

Is this one?

was the group’s ring-leader in a card game called SET that I made her sit out a round so the rest of us could have a chance at winning.  As soon as we were about 30 miles from Port Angeles, cell phone service regained and a lot of the girls were checking back in with family and friends.

Once we docked at Port Angeles, we were on tunnel vision to get back to Tacoma, Washington where we would meet Coach Whitesel.  My van sang songs and told jokes, led by Freshman Tiffany Wang, and closed out the trip with the Alphabet Sign game.  I heard the other van came up with new games called: Dedication, Karoke, and Talk Show (shout-out to Max’s mom)

The trip to Canada was a success!  Not only did the girls have a blast, so did the coaches. This allowed many of us an opportunity to visit places we had never been to, nor might we ever not have visited.  Quite the experience for those who haven’t ever visited another country and may never get to experience Canada again.  Thanks to CANADA for their hospitality and UBC, SFU, VIU, and UVIC for an opportunity to play against some of the best players and teams in Canada.

The Pioneer’s have this week to recover before we can start official practice and plan for the upcoming season.  We are hoping to rid the colds and catch up on the sleep we need to be back at 100% next week.

Don’t worry Canada … we’ll be back.


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