L&C Athletics Department is preparing to roll out a brand new, major, huge promotion!!  

Want a hint?  


Like more of this???

Our first 4 home games will give 10 contestants each game a chance to be the ‘daily game winner’ and qualify for a chance to win big, big dollars on Nov. 30.  Will you be one of the lucky 4 winners who has a chance at major money?

More details to come and promotions will be everywhere!

5 Home Games:

1. Sunday, November 15   2:00 pm vs. Evergreen State

2. Tuesday, November 17   7:00 pm vs. Warner Pacific

3. Saturday, November 21    7:00 pm vs. Northwest

4. Tuesday, November 24   7:00 pm vs. Concordia

5. Monday, November 30    7:00 pm vs. Corban


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