Pio Patrol! Helping out the local neighborhoods!

Pio Patrol 030Halloween was an exciting, jam-packed weekend for L&C and our players!  We jumped from women’s volleyball Friday night (go Marg!) to the NWC Cross Country Meet & Pio Patrol on Saturday and ended with our first scrimmage of the actual season on Sunday.   Thanks to Christina, Kristina, T, Caitlin, Spence, Emily, Sara & Jodi for helping work the XC meet.  After watching the end of the two race’s all the down-backs in basketball didn’t look nearly as bad!!   

Pio Patrol was a new event this year, hosted by SAAC, where our student-athletes went into the area neighborhoods and helped with safety while passing outPio Patrol 011 candy to trick-or-treaters.  Our team split up and ended up running into professors in the neighborhoods and a major Halloween party complete with the giant “jumping tent”.  Spence and Caitlin spent a lot of time “helping” at that house! 

Finally, after gaining an extra hour of sleep on Sunday, we headed north for our scrimmage against Lower Columbia Community College.  It was great to see the progress since Canada and figure out where we still need a lot of work.  The evening ended with dinner at Coach Deichsel’s house!!!  IT WAS AWESOME!  Thanks to the Deichsel family!!!    

Now it’s back to the grind preparing for our next exhibition game vs. Oregon State and then opening day, Nov. 15th!


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