Day 2 Cali Style: Get Low, Get Lucky

Guest Writer: Coach Tal

Day 2:  Today was our second day in Cali and nonetheless entertaining.  All of the girls, (plus one of the coaches, it may or may not have been me) were all able to sleep in a bit longer than the normal work or school week, so you know that definitely jumped everyone off on the right foot this morning!  Coach Whitesel and I headed to Starbucks for some much-needed energy, while Coach Fulks watched film of our competition in tonight’s game! 

Before we knew it, we were on the road to our shoot-a-round at Whittier this morning.  After we arrived at Whittier and before our normal pre-game routine, we had to take some time out to play our annual 3 on 3 games that became a new tradition last year in Cali.  So you are probably asking, why is this a tradition?  Two Words: Team Coaches!   Yes, that’s right folks, we laced up our shoes this morning to be a team in the King of the Court 3 on 3 game.  Competition was in the air very quickly this morning when the girls realized what was in store.  Although I am here to report we did not win, (and we even cheated a little) we had a great time!  Shout out to the winning team who won, Christina Herring, Neva Hauser, and Megan Spence.  Watch out you three … it’s ON next time, believe that!  It wasn’t all fun and games though …. as we were able to put in a new out-of-bounds play and review some of the Whittier Poets offensive sets for tonight’s game.  And just as quickly as we got there, we were back out the door and on our way back to the hotel for some downtime.

It was very unusual for the ladies to have so much downtime, but with finals next week, it was more than necessary to keep everyone focused and on task.  Even Coach Whitesel and I were able to fit in a few hours of  ‘Real Job Work’  while  Coach Fulks put in a nice power nap … wait, maybe I need that job?  Shortly after free-time and a pre-game meal from Red Robin, we piled back into our vans for our trek over to Whittier for game time. 

The Pio’s came into this weekend with a 4-1 record and the opportunity to play some great DIII schools to measure up against.  All of our pre-season play has been against NAIA or DI schools, so we were ALL very much looking forward to seeing how we measured up.  Good news … after an extremely physical, quick paced,  and high scoring game against the Poets, the Pioneer’s wrapped up the night victoriously against the Poets (78-69), to improve our record to 5-1.  Sophomore Neva Hauser stepped up to the job today to provide some crucial physical play for the Pioneer’s, while Freshman Kristina Williams went 9/10 from the free throw line to keep us above water when the score was too close to comfort.  All of the Pioneer’s threw in some great minutes and teamwork to help carry us into the final minutes of this very close game down to the end.  GREAT JOB LADY PIONEERS! 

Following the game, our iced wrapped ladies mingled with family and friends who came to the game.  Shout out to ALL the PIO POUND 6th Man Club fans in the gym who came out to support their Pioneers tonight.  We had over 30 family members and friends of the team attending the game.  It was great to have that kind of support on the road in a close and physical game like that.  Thank you to those of you who made the trip ~ you are appreciated!  The Poets kindly provided us with dinner before our departure back to the hotel as we enjoyed the win for a few minutes longer on the ride home. 

In celebration of the recent 5-1 record, some of the girls convinced me to have milkshakes before heading up to re-ice, shower, study, and head to bed.  We have another very tough game against the Occidental Tigers tomorrow night on their home court.  We will need just as much strength and energy going into tomorrow’s game as we used tonight. 

So far so good for the Pioneer’s in California. Tomorrow we take on a new challenge, and we will do it the same way we did today …. “Get Low, Get Lucky.” Click here for more pictures!

Go Pio’s!


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