We’re Going-Going, Back-Back, to Cali-Cali!

Guest Writer: Coach Tal

This week in Pioneer Basketball: Road Trip! 

In the vans!!

In the vans!!

I am back in action as guest writer this week for the blog and loving every second of it.  Southern California is our destination this week, much further south than the last time we spoke from Canada!  This is a very big weekend for the Lady Pio’s as we sprint into these games with a 4-1 record and three VERY big DIII games ahead.  The girls were very anxious to get to the Golden State not just for the sun (and smog) but this seems to be the home, or close to it, for about 90% of our Pioneers.  Families and friends were on call to attend the games this weekend and get a little taste of 2010 Pioneer Ball!

Day 1: The best part about day one?  Direct TV on our JetBlue flight according to Junior Christina Herring, whom I had a chance to sit next to en route on our quick flight from Portland to Long Beach.  Chris and I chose to watch some ‘train wreck’ TV while others slept, some studied, and Senior Paige Dinnie, shared her seat with a woman who thought someone was smoking on the plane.  Of course it wouldn’t be a Pioneer road trip without some sort of epic moment everyday!

After a small disaster with our rental vans and wonderful LA traffic we had all 12 Pioneers and 3 coaches barreling down the freeway on our way to our hotel.  My van chit-chatted about the music on the radio, and the roadside scenery, while we heard the other van carried a very different tune – discussing global warming.  Hmmm, might have been the two Science based coaches in that van! 

After we crawled through traffic, scarffed down a quick meal, it was time to head to our first practice site: Whittier College!  The girls put in two hours of hard work practicing into the late hours of the evening, 10pm!  They were troopers … it was a very long day.  We put up a lot of shots and went through some game preparations for our game against the Poets!  Thanks to a filling dinner from Olive Garden and a quick game of cards, that Freshman Kristina Williams says she will never play again because there isn’t enough socializing that goes on during the game (who knew the idea of cards wasn’t just competing?). 

It’s nice to be back in Cali again for the Pioneer’s, lots of  family, friends, and questionable officiating awaits!  Click here to see all the pictures!


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