Day 3 Cali Style: The Few The Proud The Orange

Guest Writer: Coach Tal  (Day 3 Pictures)

Day 3: Did some one say coffee? YES …… Coach Whitesel and I started our day like we have on most road trips in our careers – with a walk to Starbucks to feed our need before we rallied the troops together for our shoot-a-round before today’s challenge: The Occidental Tigers.  

Occidental sits on the edge of Los Angeles about 20 miles from where we are staying, and in true Southern California fashion 20 miles equals one hour of driving thanks to the 4 Million people who live within the city limits of LA. So with that, we arrived at our newest place of competition for today while the girls were energized and ready to get loose and get shots up … which is exactly what we did.   Alum, Sarah  Moon stopped by the gym to say hello and catch up with us on her life and what she has been up to since she graduated in 2006.  It was great to see her and have her see our latest and greatest Pioneer’s that have filled her jersey since she left. 

Shoot-a-round not only provided us with some time to get lose, but also some time to work on our dance moves and celebration dances.  Special shout out to TEAM HERRING/SPENCE who “broke it down” for us on made free-throws.  Now we have to figure out how to get them to do that during the games ;). 

We quickly made progress back to the hotel to re-group,  eat, pile back into our vans to get back to the gym for the ‘Pre-Game Rally Reception’ that was held at Occidental prior to our game to support friends and family of the program to meet and greet with our players and coaches.  It was a great time for all of us to meet some new family members and catch up with those some of the players hadn’t seen since the previous day.  Thanks to Coach Lori Jepsen and AD Clark Yeager for attending and supporting the event.  It was GREAT to see some familiar Portland faces amongst the group!

Game time came and Coach Whitesel came through with a great pre-game plan on a whiteboard the side of a car window, but was able to communicate enough information for the Pioneer’s to pull out a great victory over the Occidental Tigers improving our record to 6-1 overall.  A team win at its best tonight for the Pioneer’s as we had 4 players come in with double digit scoring, Kristina Williams, Talerra Rich, Megan Spence, and Neva Hauser.  Both Neva and Megan went the extra mile and pulled down enough rebounds to have Double-Doubles as well …. way to go POSTS!  A true team win tonight for the Pioneers in front of a very large Black and Orange crowd!  Special thanks to the Oakridge Girls Basketball team for coming out to support former teammate, Kristina Williams, in tonight’s game (Good Luck tomorrow Trojan’s!). 

After some mingling with family and fans we made our way back toward our hotel in no time.  Who knew the best time to drive in LA was Friday night at 10pm.  In-N-Out Burger was our final destination tonight for the Pioneer’s as we celebrated our win with a true California road trip tradition!  Double-Doubles, milkshakes, and fries filled the need for food immediately upon consumption. 

Tomorrow brings a much-needed day off  for all of us as we will be headed to the Herring’s for a large team brunch first thing in the morning with practice to follow.  Tomorrow will be a day off of games, but certainly not preparation as we will have just as much if not more challenges ahead in our Sunday afternoon game against California Lutheran. 

Day 3 proved to be just as successful as the previous as we continue to be: The Few. The Proud, Orange!


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