Day 4 Cali Style: Livin’ the Dream

Guest Writer: Coach Tal

Day 4: It was fitting that 4 words summed up our day …. MUCH NEEDED DAY OFF! That is exactly what it was … well, to an extent. This morning the Pio’s joyfully loaded up their bags, laundry, and odds-n-ends to move hotels and head into our first adventure of the day: Breakfast at the Herrings.

Let me tell you a little bit about the Herrings: Aside from both Karen and Bruce (Parents of #24 Christina Herring) being two of our top fans and supporters, making the trip to Portland as often as they can, they also know how to cook a mean meal. Just to put it into perspective, you would have thought President Obama was visiting their house today with the amount of spectacular food that was presented to our fingertips this morning at their home in San Dimas, CA. They fed all of the Pioneer’s, plus all three coaches (I went back for thirds, shhhh) and visiting parents of other Pioneer’s. We had quite the spread ranging from fruit and granola, to eggs, bacon, sausage, muffins, toast, juice, and sparkling cider. We ate for an army this morning and were very appreciative to have such great hospitality on the road!! You would think we never feed the team … or the coaches with the amount of food consumed. The ladies enjoyed some down time visiting or dancing (Neva and Jodi) while the rest of us chatted about the weekend so far, the previous games, and our up-coming game tomorrow against Cal Lutheran. The team even had time to fit in a couple Christmas movies to round the morning out right. It was just what we needed to fuel our bellies for the day … THANK YOU TO THE HERRINGS FOR SUCH A GREAT BREAKFAST AND WARM WELCOME!

After our uniforms were washed, our appetite most definitely satisfied, we were back on another highway headed in another direction somewhere in the LA area! This time we had a bit of a hike to Thousand Oaks, CA where we were headed to Cal Lutheran for our practice this afternoon. On our 1.5hr drive today my van decided that Southern California quite possibly ONLY plays The Black Eyed peas, Kanye West, and Jay-Z on the radio, as we channel surfed through the same songs the WHOLE way! The other van scooted along behind us, some of the girls sleeping, while others talked about up-coming finals and randomly what character in the Lion King that they would like to be!

The Pioneer’s laced up their shoes for a quick practice at CLU this afternoon while Coach Tim headed down another freeway to get a jump start on scouting upcoming conference opponents. The ladies were in good form as they warmed up their legs a bit from playing back to back games the past two days. We worked on a few things we are anticipating the Regal’s might bring to the table tomorrow, as well as a few additions to our offense we will be working on over the next few weeks. It was just enough time for all of us to get that fire back in us for tomorrow’s game!

A quick trip to our hotel down the road provided us our next home for just one night in Thousand Oaks. Due to the overwhelming family support for most of the team, we had a free night for them to spend time with their family or stay in and study! A special request from Coach Fulks for dinner at CHIPOTLE (a staff favorite) and we were on our way to the closest one! We can always rely on CHIPOTLE to be a good way to end a great day.

The Pioneer’s are VERY anxious to get on the court tomorrow against the Regal’s as they provide a big challenge for us on our last game of our road trip. Game day awaits us tomorrow at an early tip-off at 3pm before we head back to Portland, back to final test preparations, and for Coach Whitesel and I, a desk full of paperwork not anywhere near as fun as the paperwork for our 2-0 road trip. Until then (Like I always tell both Coaches, we will keep Livin’ the Dream)!

Ps.. the pioneers have added some new significant numbers and words to this trip: Scneva, Stalia, 7, H-Dub, epic, facebook fame … and that is just the start but memories that will keep us laughing.


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