Christmas Break Ends.. but what a great 4 weeks!

Today marks the first day back to class for our ladies and I’ll put on my professor hat to teach 2 more classes this spring. I’m sure we are all excited for the semester to get rolling but Christmas break contained a lot of highlights. From basketball, to our Christmas party, to making use of the free time for professional/personal development- we spent a lot of time bettering our team, ourselves, and just having fun… a lot of fun.

On the basketball side, we have found that January is a very good month for us. We are currently 6-0 in conference play, tied for first place, and ranked 26th in the country. We have been on the road, played the late game, and found new games on the bus to keep us entertained. Rumor is that Christina Herring may have been cheating to win at cards on the way to Willamette… and we are working incredibly hard to reach Coach Hristou’s standard for bench dress code 🙂 If Coach Whitesel would only stick to the pre-determined color!

Vacation team bonding this year included movies, team music videos and culminated with our annual Holiday Secret Santa Party. The gifts were quite entertaining and some highlights were numerous snuggies, a crafty basketball sweatshirt (good work Neva), Twilight posters, and much more. After a filling dinner, we opened our brown bag gifts and shared many laughs together.

Rounding out the break, our staff also put together three personal/professional development sessions in conjunction with 3CE. We started the event by taking personality tests and learning more about ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly- how to make those personality traits work within a group and on the court. We quickly found out our team spans the entire spectrum (Paige to Junior) and the diversity within our group is much appreciated. After learning about ourselves, we were challenged to start thinking about professional life after L&C (resumes, etc) and ended the 3rd day by having lunch with former alumni and starting to develop professional contacts within the L&C family. Thanks to Tal and Clayton for sharing their knowledge!

We certainly enjoyed break… but the start of classes mean the heart of conference play and the intensity on the court will mount each week. I’m proud to say our ladies are looking forward to the challenge!


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