Pulling Double Duty!

Spring break is here and a lot has happened since the end of the season! Northwest Conference awards have been released and our team made an impressive showing as Christina Herring (1st team), Kristina Williams (2nd team), and Margaret Dowling (Honorable Mention) received recognition. Congrats to all three! March Madness is winding down and our players have started getting back in the gym… but a few are pulling double duty and playing spring sports. Caitlin Relyea (#18) has just recently returned from LA with softball as the team grabbed a few wins down in the sun and Christina Herring is pulling triple duty as she is hurdling with track & field and a Resident Assistant in the dorms for student life. Additionally, our male practice players are staying quite active! Jim Bray is locking down the left side of the infield for our baseball team and David Willis recently won a “100 Project for Peace Award”. Add that with our team of student-trainers, musicians, and game-day personnel- it’s a very busy group that we couldn’t be more proud of! So, good luck to all our spring athletes and Happy Spring Break to All!!


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