Pancake Breakfast!

Alums + 1 to be

Dub cookin’ it up!

Our Pancake Breakfast celebrates a few things each year..besides how much our players, coaches, and alums like to eat!  The first is that our players have made it through the academic class year and only have finals remaining ahead of them. Good luck to all as finals started this morning! The second celebrates the legacies passed down from our alums and seniors as we finish this season and announce internally our 2010-11 freshman class that will soon be joining our team and our traditions.  The breakfast itself is held the Saturday of reading days every year and Coach Whitesel spends hours cooking up pancakes one by one for our players, coaches, and alums in the PDX area. This year’s pancake selection included: strawberry, banana, chocolate chip, raspberry, a combination of

Waiting patiently

above, or plain.  Additionally, the players whip up some scrambled eggs and sausage while Coach Fulks keeps the coffee flowing. All in all, a great morning and a great way to help finish off the year! Click here for more pictures!


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