Sudden Death Free-Throw Contest!!

This past Tuesday marked the beginning of the season for our team! We had a strong start and earned a decisive road win against NAIA Evergreen State.  Tomorrow is the season home opener and the start of our Fall Sudden Death Free-Throw Contest sponsored by women’s basketball.  We will be having the contest on Nov. 19th, Dec. 3rd, and Dec. 4th. 

Here are the official rules and regulations! 

1. All L&C students, staff, and faculty are eligible to participate.

2. Participants will receive their raffle ticket upon entrance into the game. You must be there by tip-off to receive a ticket.

3. During 1st half time-outs, 12 tickets will be called for the half-time event.

4. The 12 winning ticket holders will split on both ends of the court (6 per end) and shoot 1 free-throw at a time and rotate. To stay in the competition, you must make your free-throw each round. If no one makes a FT in THAT round, each contestant in that round only will start over. The rounds continue until each basket has 1 winner.

5. The 1 winner at each end will join the other winner (opposite end) and have a 2 person competition for the $50.00 Visa Gift Card.

6. The final winner will receive their gift card from Coach Fulks after the game.



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