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Our blog has come back to life!  This time to chronicle the international travels of Kristina Williams and Neva Hauser.

Join them in their journey:

Greetings world! 

 This is Kristina and Neva writing you from the Philadelphia airport. We are on our way to London with USSAAI (USA Athletes International). We have met several members of our 9 person team including our friendly coach brucey. We have our first game tomorrow against a team from London, but what team that is, no one knows. Game plan is we just pick n roll the whole time and teen scores 30 minimum………and Neva gets 20 rebounds, minimum. We have a 7 hr flight ahead of us and when we arrive, it will be 10am London time, and we will have the whole day ahead of us, so really hoping to get some sleep on this flight! You will be hearing from us a few times during the trip, and we hope to also be taking pictures and sharing them with you. Well, Cherrio!! Pip pip!! Yeh. Xoxoxo
Kristina & Neva

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