Neva & Kristina in Paris, Update #2

Hello from Paris, 

We have now successfully completed day 4 of our trip and we are having a great time! The first day was spent fresh off the airplane, in London. We met up with the rest of our team and drove into the city where we did some sight seeing. That night we played our first game in Europe which was in interesting experience. We have learned that the courts over here are very different than ours to start. I would describe the surface as something like hard rubber…we won our first game pretty easily against a club team from London. 
We started our second day bright and early. we took the train from nearby our hotel to downtown London and we saw the changing of the guards wearing those big fuzzy hats. then we went to the pica dilly center to have lunch n look around. We went to this giant toy store called Hanleys which was really cute and fun. Also we had the best ice creams evaaa. Next we met the bball coach of Westminster University and he showed us part of the campus which was old and lovely. That night we played against a team coached by the Westminster coach but was just a group of ladies who had played together before. They ended up beating us by 10 which was a bummer but we didn’t play very well soo that’s how that goes hehe. 
Day 3 started even earlier…we caught an 8:30 train called the EuroStar which took us under water from England to Paris. We got picked by our coach bus which we will have for the rest of the trip and drove straight into the city to see the Arc de Triumph which was a huge arch! and then we got some free time to walk around, shop and have a French lunch, crepes! We then headed to our hotel which was interesting in it self, modern, high tech, but poly pocket sized rooms which make us feel like we are in a space ship :). We headed to our third game after a hour of resting and we were greeted with GREAT hospitality! They even had a DJ in the gym…which played throughout the games. (side note: there is also a boys team traveling with us, so there is always two games. one for them and one for us.) They gave us presents and served us dinner after the game, o yeah, and we got back on track with the win!
That brings us to today, Day 4. We got to sleep in which was extra luxurious and then we took the bus to the Eiffel tower! We climbed the stairs up to the second level which prolly took 15 minutes and then we took the elevator to the top. Needless to say the views were spectacular and the tower itself is really cool/reminds me of a dinosaur. After some more ice cream we went to Montmartre which is this really rustic  little area on a hill. There was a beautiful white church at the top of the hill and we sat beneath it on the slope as we ate lunch. There was an art show in a little square next to the church and the artists were drawing amazing portraits of tourists. We went into some really impressive chocolate shops too. That night we played our 4th game in a row against a club team from the city. W

In London Park

e beat them about 90 to 42. woooooo

Look to hear from us again in the next couple days! 
Neva and Kristina 

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